An introduction to the

Right Use of Power

You want to use your power well, with intention and skill.

We all do.

And a deeper understanding of power is the key to improving how we lead people on our team and in our organization, how we relate to loved ones (partners and kids) and become more conscious of our impact in all of our relationships.

All roads lead to power, eventually.

In this free 5-day, email-based course you will;

  • Be introduced to key definitions of power (so you can talk about it without getting lost in translation or stuck in semantics).
  • Learn about the 5 Types of Power, and how these five types intersect and interact in our relationships.
  • Explore the "power differential", or the power dynamic that exists between you and other people.
  • Gain valuable insight into the shadow-side of power, the natural and predictable things that can become barriers to the "right use of power".
  • Learn the two key skills for improving your use of power in all of your relationships.

What to Expect

  1. Five emails (one each day for 5 days). No fancy course software or login required.
  2. Short (4-7 minute) videos explaining the topic. Focused on the learning you need to get started.
  3. A reflective exercise to deepen your understanding. "Power" is a deeply personal experience, and we want to help you explore yours.
  4. Follow up resources to dig a little deeper. It's a big topic, and we'll layer in some additional teaching and insight in case you want to extend your learning.

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